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Conrad Flynn, A Modern-Day Marketing Badass - A Leader for Passion-Fueled Entrepreneurs Building a Stress-Free Business That they Love

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Conrad Flynn, a lead gen and sales coach for passion-fueled entrepreneurs and the teams that they build. Conrad's methods help businesses transform - focusing on a SMALLER number of HIGHER ticket clients - delivering ultimate entrepreneurial freedom and peace of mind.Conrad uses high-end positioning strategies along with cutting edge funnel building and online advertising to help service-based businesses attract a stream of ideal prospects.The marketing and advertising industry's most tried and true closing techniques are employed to close prospects powerfully, without hesitation or haggling.Conrad is renowned as a coach, speaker, author, entrepreneur and trusted marketing advisor. Private clients from across the globe have relied on his expertise as a consultant and coach to help them grow and prosper.Using his real world experience, where results rule and marketing dollars can't be wasted on theory, he wanted to help professional service entrepreneurs (like coaches and consultants) put an end to wasting their time and money on marketing strategies that don't work and rescue them from the endless frustration and countless dollars spent on COLD CALLING, NETWORKING, TRADE SHOWS or having to hope and pray for more REFERRALS to come in. Yuck!His unique approach starts with "rockstar positioning" to put his clients in a "market of 1" then integrates classic tried-and-true lead generation advertising with proven multi-step, follow-up – producing a surge of qualified leads, resulting in boosted new client enrollment and revenue."My mission is to support and empower rockstar coaches and consultants - leading them to increase their reach and impact on the world, helping them maximize profits and create a better, more rewarding lifestyle for themselves and the ones they love."When he's not working, Conrad's passion is for travel, adventure, fitness and classic craft cocktail.

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marketing, direct response, advertising, new media, business blogging, social media marketing, direct response radio, search engine optimization

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